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(Φωτογραφία:Panoskaltsis Theodoros)

Chora is located in the prefecture of Messenia and belongs to the Municipality of Pylos-Nestoras which is based in Pylos. There can be found the Palace of Nestor, vaulted tombs that dated back to the Mycenaean Period, and the archaeological museum where artefacts from the excavations that took place in area of the Palace and various other places in the wider area of Chora are now in display.

Kefalovryso is located about a kilometre outside the village at the entrance of Kalamata. It belongs to the interesting sights of Chora, along with Agia Sotira which is distinguished for its clean waters and the verdurous natural setting, full of olive and plane trees.

The first reference to Chora was on the map of the French Expeditionary Corps back in 1833, with the toponym Chores. Makrygiannis also mentioned the region as Chores in his memoirs, and more specifically, in the passage where he wrote about the events related to the siege of Niokastro by the Egyptians in 1825, under the leadership of Ibrahim.

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