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The Sykia Pass is found in end of Divari Beach, under the shade of Paliokastro. It is a narrow water passage that divides the island of Sphacteria from the mainland, which the island was originally part of.

The shallow waters are crystal clear and the small stripe of sandy coast gives visitors the opportunity to easily accommodate themselves and relax. You can reach the place either by car following the dirt road in the end of Divari Beach or on foot walking down the beach. Alternatively, you can arrive following the route beneath Paliokastro from the side of Voidokilia; it will lead you right to the passage.

Small boats can cross the water passage during the summer months docking at the little beach which is formed on the coast of the island of Sphacteria.

What we recommend you is to try to swim to the opposite coast! It is not particularly difficult as the waters are pretty shallow. The splendour of the beach you will reach will compensate you for your effort!

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