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We visited the Folklore Museum of Gialova where we met Mr. Kosta Balafouti. This tireless and always vivacious man who is a retired bank employee, dedicated many decades of his life to the preservation and promotion of the cultural regional character of Gialova and the wider area of Pylos. Throughout the years, Mr. Balafoutis collected a great number of cultural objects and he later established a museum in order to display them and make the history and culture of his motherland known to a wider public.

In his museum, you will find various tools reminding the existence of professions that are now extinct or have evolved and thus, changed throughout the years. Mr. Kostas will pleasantly show you his photographic archive and narrate you stories about the history of the area. He will definitely praise his daughter’s sweet creations; her sweet delicacies and other traditional products of the area are well-known and traded to the whole Pylian land. If you ever come to Gialova, this museum is worthy of your visit!

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