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Kostas Tsiklitiras could be characterized as the local hero of Pylos. He is an important figure for the region, enriching the notable local history. Tsiklitiras with his noble actions and achievements managed to remain in history and his name to be mentioned even in the present days. He participated in the Olympic Games in 1908 (he came second in two contests) and in 1912, winning two golden medals in standing high jump and in standing long jump. He honoured his country volunteering to fight in the First Balkan War at the Battle of Bizani, which took place in February 1913 in Epirus, between Greece and Turkey. The victory of the Greeks was decisive for the final liberation of Greece and the incorporation of this district into the Greek State.

Unfortunately, Tsiklitiras died at an early age when he was just 25 years old, from meningitis. In honour of Thiklitiras a statue of him was erected in Pylos, and his house, after it was purchased, was turned into a museum. It is located in the centre of the town, right next to the City Hall, very close to the port. It is also expected to be used as cultural space housing the Library and the Gallery of the town. Tsiklitiras’ House has been fully refurbished and now hosts the collection of Rene Puaux. The collection used to be displayed at the Maison Quarters in Niokastro.

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