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The building of Pasha in Niokastro (opposite the church of the Transfiguration of the Saviour) hosts the thematic exhibition “Shipwrecks” since August 2012. The exhibition is a lively narration of the stories of the most well-known shipwrecks that occurred around the Peloponnese. The exhibition was organized under the supervision of the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities which used to be based at the Castle of Pylos.

In the beautifully arranged central room of the exhibition, the visitor walks on a big map of the Peloponnese where each shipwreck is marked with a different colour. You will learn all about the shipwreck of Mentor, Lord Elgin’s boat, who had an accident during the transfer of Greek purloined antiquities – the Parthenon marbles – to Great Britain. In one of the showcases Elgin’s derringer and other objects discovered in this shipwreck are on display. You will also learn about the method of cleaning the artefacts that are found at the bottom of the sea and the role that freshwater fish play in the preservation of such objects. Additionally, you will learn about the Roman shipwreck that occured a few kilometres outside Sapienza. Extraordinary finds, such as huge columns and sarcophaguses, have been pulled out of the water. We should note that this is the first under-construction underwater park in our country. You will also see the perfectly preserved hazelnuts found at the sunken merchant ship, along with other very interesting objects.

At the end of your visit you can ask to watch the video that presents the significant work and contribution of the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities in this initiative. You will see pictures of the divers – archaeologists and the rest of the stuff in action, along with scenes from the underwater finds in the various shipwrecks. This is definitely worthy of your visit if you go to Niokastro. You do not have to pay any additional fee to access the exhibition.

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